Research Assistant’s Experience in the Hotamışlıgil Lab

Learn more about the scientists in the Hotamışlıgil Lab and Sabri Ülker Center, what drew them to science, the lab, and how the experience has impacted them.


In this interview, Research Assistant, Erika Cagampan talks with Dr. Renata Gonçalves about what drew her to pursue science and medicine, how she decided to join the Hotamışlıgil Lab, and what she has learned from her experience over the last three years.
Erika Cagampan joined the Hotamışlıgil Lab and Sabri Ülker as a Research Assistant in 2016, after earning a degree in integrative Biology at University of California Berkeley. Erika was an essential part of the Hotamışlıgil Lab, supporting many different projects. In June 2019, she departed the lab to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, and is attending medical school at the University of California San Francisco.
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