What Have We Been Up To?

The Hotamışlıgil Lab and Sabri Ülker Center have had a busy few months!
  • Lab members hit the road to attend Keystone Symposium in Vancouver: In April, many current and previous lab members attended the Keystone Symposia for Immunometabolism, Metaflammation, and Metabolic Diseases held in Vancouver. Dr. Hotamışlıgil was one of the three conference organizers. Hotamışlıgil Lab postdoctoral fellows and alumni had the chance to present exciting research findings during the talks and poster sessions in what proved to be a very insightful and successful Keystone meeting!
  • There are no “Low-Hanging Fruits” in Science: In April, Dr. Hotamışlıgil joined the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health’s science podcast to discuss cardiometabolic diseases, the essential role of research in treating and preventing these conditions, and the challenges of running a lab. Click here to listen now!
  • Raw and Red-Hot: In May, Dr. Hotamışlıgil was one of a group of experts who shared their knowledge on inflammation as a cause of myriad chronic conditions, in “Raw and Red-Hot”, a feature article in Harvard News. One essential takeaway: understanding how ingredients in food affect the body’s metabolism at the molecular and cellular level could help us develop simple but effective measures to tackle the dual epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Read the full article now in Harvard Magazine.
  • Bon Voyage: In June and July, we were sad to see some of our colleagues leave the lab, but we wish them the very best on their next adventure. Sabri Ülker Fellow, Dr. Ekin Güney was accepted to an Anatomic Pathology Residency in the Physician-Scientist program at the University of California San Francisco. Erika Cagampan, research assistant, is fulfilling her dream of attending medical school, also at the University of California San Francisco. Postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Min-Dian Li accepted a position as Principal Investigator and Professor at the Chongqing Southwest Hospital in China. Nurdan Dagtekin, a visiting scientist, returned to Turkey to defend her thesis!
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